Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Who's who?

So theres all this talk of these cool sounding people doing all these amazing things, but who are they? We'll put some names to the faces and explain how their ugly mugs came to be on the British Milne Land Climbing Expedition's books.

In the summer of 2008 Sam Doyle was guiding a commercial expedition in Greenland, it was while wandering around the fjords he thought there was definitely some scope for a spot of climbing. The seed was planted, now all he needed was a plan and some people. Sam is now designated head honcho, expedition leader, Le Grande Fromage as it were.

Sams first port of call was his regular climbing partner, someone who had previously and quite willingly agreed to participate in any daft idea Sam had ever had. (there have been a few) The idea of a Greenland climbing trip came to land on Miles Hill's toes in the form of a text detailing the the pros and cons of the music selection of a gay club in down town Reykjavik. Oh, and something about some climbing. Always keen for some banging Icelandic tunes, oh and some climbing, Miles was in.

For the remote areas of Greenlands east coast two is a very small number, four would be ideal. Since getting to Bangor Uni Miles sought out the local climbers and from the BUMS at the uni John Swain stood out as being reliable, fit and motivated. Half an hour with a lap top, lots of tea and some pictures of Greenland was all it took to convince him this was what he really wanted to do with his summer.

We still needed a fourth though, John suggested a friend of his who he thought would be interested. 'Interest' doesnt do Tom Ripley's mind set justice. From the moment Greenland was mentioned Tom was not only on board but working in a frenzy to secure the sponsorship needed to undertake this expedition. A valuable find!

And then there was four, the British Milne Land Climbing Expedition.

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  1. Ha ha! Swain is the only dude pictured as a crag rat! oh the irony...