Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Recent exploits...

Welcome to our new blog. Just a brief post to let you know what we’ve been up to in the last few weeks:

• In between the tedium of being a lifeguard Tom has been spending a fair amount of time trying to raise funds/acquire gear for the expedition. He last went climbing a week ago and had a cracking day out on the Black Ladders with George Ullrich.

• Sam is currently is Sheffield with a broken van. Its engine blew up just south of Glasgow quickly putting a halt to any winter climbing they had planned.

• John’s gone bouldering today as all the snow in Bangor has now melted. He had a cracking day out on Western Gully last week though.

• Miles’ life is pretty hectic, in between filling out BMC grant application forms, weekends away with the TA and going climbing, he goes to Uni!

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  1. if still at bangor, you should nose around archives (i guess) about an expedition that set out from bangor in the late 50's to climb greenlands higher peaks, i'm vague on details i was yet to be born, but my father was part of the trip, and films were made, and i guess should still be at the university, he passed away earlier this century,(love saying that) anyway just thought id mention it as i liked the coincidence. my dad was bryan roberts (bushy) from gerlan. ben